We have literally hundreds of birds in stock. If you want a bird that we don't currently have, we can get it for you!


Manzanita branches make the best perch.

  • Small diameter (less than 1.0 inch): Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Conures
  • Medium diameter (1.0-1.5"): African Grey, Amazons, Ecclectus, smaller Macaws and smaller Cockatoos
  • Large diameter (1.5-2.25"): Cockatoos, Macaws
  • Extra Large diameter (Over 2.5"): Very Large Macaws

We also carry rough textured perches to help with nail filing.


Come see our HUGE selection of toys at great prices!

  • Wood
  • Shreadables
  • Bright Colors
  • Neutral Tones
  • Mirrors

We have plenty to chose from for endless entertainment for your avain friend!

Has your bird had toys before?  If not, CLICK HERE for very IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

We provide only the highest quality and safest cages for your pet:

  • Small Cages
  • Medium Cages
  • Large Cages
  • Breeder Cages
  • Cage Stands
  • Travel Cages
  • Small Iron Cages
  • Deluxe Iron Cages

BayouABird carries the best seed and pellet for your pet. We carry "Golden Farms California Millet". Purchase in small bags or large boxes

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